Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Advice to my grandchildren / ON VOTING / not this year, but in the future.

Maybe my grandchildren will be interested in these comments in 12 years or so; they are still in grade school.

Nonetheless, while voting is on my mind, here goes. My opinion, I suppose, is not for wide consumption – as my wife (Gamma) often explains. However, I read. I listen. I have had many life experiences that are relevant. I think I am fairly well informed.

What do my peers think of my opinions? Well, actually, I must admit that no one particularly cares about my opinion. Perhaps my grandchildren will care one day, contemplate... or laugh. Hopefully, not the latter. A knowing but respectful smile would be appreciated.

Boys and wee girl, this is Grumpy** speaking. Listen up.

Here is what I know...

On Voting:

When you are old enough to vote, you are actually too young to vote. You are not an adult. Your life experience is limited. Your brain is still maturing. Therefore, listen to your elders, those you respect, unless, of course, they are college professors (the opinion of whom is generally clouded by too much schooling and too little actual work experience).

Voting is usually about voting for the candidate you dislike the least. You should assume that both candidates are of doubtful character or worse.

If you have a choice, never vote for a lawyer. I've worked with lawyers my entire professional career. With a few exceptions, they are without any sort of moral compass. It is not their nature (or legal training) to possess such qualities. By profession, lawyers are solely motivated by money or personal gain; and they will readily join, support, lie for and defend any person (serial killer, fraudster, corrupt business owner, etc, etc.) if, that is, the money or their personal promotion is sufficient. Politicians who are lawyers are not the exception. They are the 'rule.' I once read that politicians have a lower public approval rating than 'used car salesmen.' Actually, I think that is kind of unfair – comparing a hardworking used car salesman, just trying to make a living, to a politician selling access and favors to the highest bidder.

Nonetheless, I encourage you to vote if you know a modicum of history; and have read the U.S. Constitution – particularly the Bill of Rights. I might also recommend the Declaration of Independence and the Gettysburg Address (which I was required to memorize in high school).

Don't be swayed by campaign rhetoric. It's mostly lies anyway.

While I'm at it, a few other requests from Grumpy: Make me proud. Study in school, work hard in life, live healthy lives, and conduct yourselves by the Golden Rule – 'treat others like you would want to be treated.' Have I always lived by those tenets? No... I'm sorry to say that I do have regrets; but you have a fresh opportunity to be better than me.

Oh, and always stand proudly with your hand over your heart when our flag is displayed and the national anthem played. Countless men and women have died to preserve that flag. Always remember their sacrifice.  What's that got to do with voting?  Well, if you are willing to stand for the flag, I will have faith in your good judgment when it comes to voting.

** Grumpy:  This is what my grandchildren call me. It is somewhat counterintuitive in my opinion, but still brings me joy.

True Nelson

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