Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Oregon Governor John Kitzhaber (Co-conspirator, Sugar Daddy or Naïve Victim) / Re: Cylvia Hayes

OK, let’s get serious.  You don’t seriously believe, do you, that Governor Kitzhaber (age 67) did not know about the past history of Cylvia Hayes (age 47), his long-time girlfriend and recent fiancée?  Come on, Kitzhaber is an educated man, an apparently sophisticated man, surrounded by advisors; and nobody, including the Governor, thought to check into Cylvia’s background:  her past marriages, her allegedly illegal marijuana grow operation, etc., etc.

Doesn’t this sound a little like the Neil Goldschmidt cover-up?  Neil, our past and possibly our most infamous Governor, molested a young girl over a period of time.  But, those around him who would have known, or suspected what was occurring, kept quiet.  Yes, unfortunately, that’s professional politics ladies and gentlemen.  And, when these little indiscretions surface, everybody denies knowledge or extends a weepy apology with the expectation that all will be forgiven.  Are we that gullible?  Answer:  yes.  Kitzhaber, the Democrat, supported by the public employee unions, minorities, abortion advocates, recreational marijuana advocates and the generally uninformed, will win re-election in a walk.

Of Note:

Hayes took $5000, in 1997, to participate in a sham marriage to an Ethiopian immigrant – allowing him permanent residency in the U.S.  Hayes’ action was a Federal felony.  She was never prosecuted because the information, reportedly, just recently surfaced.  Hayes made a tearful confession for the media saying that Kitzhaber never knew about the previous marriage.  Yes, of course he didn’t.

Another recent report discovered that she was involved with a “dangerous man” (her words) in an intended marijuana grow operation in Washington – if discovered, at the time, another potential felony.

And, then, of course, there have been complaints to the Oregon Government Ethics Commission that Hayes has used her close association with the Governor to further her own questionable career.  Complaints which, to no one’s particular surprise, were largely determined to be unfounded.

What is that saying?  ‘Birds of a feather flock together.’

True Nelson
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