Friday, October 9, 2015

Gun Violence (Part 2) Umpqua Community College Mass Murder / Dr. Ben Carson

Dr. Ben Carson

Dr. Ben Carson stepped out on the thin ice when he publically discussed a couple of his views on gun violence and legislation.  With some qualification, and as something of an authority on gun violence and protection practices, I would be happy to walk out on that ice with Dr. Carson.

In the context of the Umpqua College mass murder, he mentioned that individuals in that situation should immediately resist, even attack the shooter; and not allow the shooter to take control of the situation.  I tend to agree.  That is the best option.

However, it is very ‘human,’ when faced with immediate danger and possible death, to acquiesce and cooperate with the assailant.  Even among mature adults, it would be very unusual for someone to spring into action and theoretically rush an armed individual – facing, what would be perceived to be at the time, almost certain death.  Some would do it; and reportedly some did demonstrate exceptional courage at the college.  Most would not.  Unless, they have received training to overcome those natural tendencies to submit.  Such training is what the military and law enforcement attempts to instill in their personnel; but with far less than 100% success.

I have given presentations at various seminars on personal protection measures.  An example might be:  A woman is walking to her car at night in a mall parking lot.  She is confronted by a man with a gun who orders her into his car.  My recommendation to the ladies in attendance was to fight back, run and scream as loud as they can.  Do not, under any circumstances, get into the car.  Women sometimes have responded that they would be afraid that the assailant would shoot them as they ran.  My answer:  Yes, he might shoot, but odds are he won’t.  But, if he does shoot and hits you, your chance of survival is very good – emergency services would be there quickly.  If, however, you get into the car, you will have given your assailant the opportunity to kill you at his leisure.  This is an example where training might instill in a woman a proper, and statistically preferential, reaction to a threat.

Secondly, Dr. Carson referred to the ‘Holocaust,’ and the confiscation of weapons that took place prior to rounding-up the Jews and other minorities – stating that an armed Jewish population could have launched a significant resistance.  He has been criticized by the uninformed and the liberal media (of course) that he had stated or implied that personal weapons could have prevented the ‘Holocaust.’  I don’t think he said that or even remotely implied it.  In my opinion, Dr. Carson is exactly right.  What was the Jewish option at the time?  Walk to the train station and be loaded on box cars, or be forced to your knees and shot on the spot; because the Jews at that juncture had no real way to resist the Nazi maniacal machine.

This is at the heart of the gun rights issue.  Some believe that the government, under all circumstances, will protect them.  I don’t happen to agree.  You’d have to be a little dense, in my humble opinion, to not understand that civilization, as we know it, could be swept away in an instant.  Will it happen tomorrow, next year, fifty or a hundred years from now?  No one knows for sure.  It could be a natural disaster, or even man caused.  Some will say if that should happen that they are willing ‘to go gentle into that dark night.’  Some will say that they will resist with their last breath.  I prefer to associate with the latter group.

To be continued...

True Nelson
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