Sunday, February 12, 2017

What is a ‘Sanctuary City,’ and what does that actually mean for a city like Portland, Oregon? / Conclusion

Many people, the vast majority I would venture, and particularly young people who seem so eager to demonstrate (sometimes violently) in support of Sanctuary Cities, are misinformed about why City and State Administrators often promote the concept.

I’ve been researching immigration law and the various interpretations of the law.  I started writing this long essay based on my research; but have given that up.  It became a futile and tiresome project.  Hit delete.  Start over.

So…  Let’s see…

Illegal immigration is one of those issues, like ‘guns,’ you can research and discuss the subject; but no one is actually listening.  And facts?  Eyes glaze-over.  Facts be damned.  No one cares.

We, of course, have definitive federal immigration laws.  It quite clearly is against the law for foreign nationals to enter this country illegally.  The first time is a misdemeanor, to include deportation.  The second time is a felony.

Federal, State and City administrators have often taken it upon themselves to defy or ignore said law in the name of ‘compassion,’ hence Sanctuary Cities. The ‘compassion’ justification is phony.  It is a deception.  It is a lie.

The real reason is ‘expediency.’  Take a city like Portland or San Francisco, who is going to clean the thousands of hotel/motel rooms, and do the tens of thousands of other jobs associated with keeping a City operating?  What about farm labor?  Who will do it?  As I’ve said before ‘illegals,’ generally speaking, work hard and ask little of their employers.  Well, you might ask, 'Is that a bad thing?  The ‘illegals’ make money and the city or the farm hums-along.'

That’s one way to look at it.  However, in reality it’s the hotel owners and their shareholders, agribusiness and their shareholders, as well as many other contractors and businesses who profit.  But, who often picks up the associated tab?  The taxpayers will pay to cover all manner of public services provided to the ‘illegals.’  Additionally, there is an increase in crime.  Yes, there is.  Look it up.  Research how many illegal immigrants now reside in our prison system.

Many politicians, of course, are on board with allowing ‘illegals;’ and often receive the support of those influential members of the community, stated above, who ultimately profit.

And, we can’t forget the associated benefit, ‘votes.’  ‘Illegals can’t vote,’ you might counter.  No, but many U.S. citizens of the same ethnic background do vote; and they are sympathetic to the cause.  Moreover, too many of the rest of us, have bought into the counterfeit ‘compassion’ argument that is continually put forth – and are therefore willing to, unwittingly in my opinion, go along.  ‘It’s just the nice thing to do.’

There are ways to solve the problem.  If we need more immigrants – allow more to enter legally.  If you want to stop illegal immigration, levy a large fine on anyone who hires an ‘illegal.’  Of course, there would have to be some sort of legitimate system to easily verify who is actually a citizen of the U.S. and who is not.  But, you see, that’s not going to happen any time soon.  Enforcement would create for some very rich people an inordinate increase in their overhead.  It is about, low cost, low maintenance, labor.  It is, after all, for the movers and shakers of industry much more cost-effective to purchase a politician who will support their view.

OK, you might add, 'What about all the illegals that now reside in the U.S. – many for decades?'

My response to that would be:  In that our ‘system,’ at the local, state and federal levels, not only permitted this immigration travesty, but in many ways encouraged it, our federal government should make every effort to accommodate, in some way, the honest residents who are now here illegally; but to round-up and deport the others - to include those convicted of grievous misdemeanors (crimes against persons) and all felonies – no exceptions.

True Nelson

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