Friday, December 15, 2017

Russian Interference in U.S. Presidential Election! “Where’s the beef?”

You know what really gets me is the media continually going on and on about the Russian interference in our Presidential election; but they never seem to mention precisely how the Russians interfered.  As an investigator, I always look for the elements of the crime; elements that can be clearly articulated.  I try to pay attention to the media, but it’s like clarity isn’t an issue for them – ‘just take our word for it, it happened.’

Well, I tried to research it.  And, the best I could find was:

  • ‘The cyber-theft of private data.’  Not clear what this was, or who was involved.  Perhaps, they are referring to the DNC breach (Democratic National Committee). 
  • ‘The placement of propaganda against particular candidates.’  Not clear here, at least not spelled out.  I suppose they are talking about Hillary Clinton I guess – but what propaganda are they referring to, and anyway Hillary was her own worst enemy in placing classified information on her private server, etc.; which we all know now was a crime – to which her best defense was ignorance.  Yes, right.
  • ‘Russians placed fake news on social media.’  Well, they certainly are not the only ones; and exactly how stupid do the Russians think we are?
  • ‘Russians attempted to get into computer systems of local elections officials around the country.’  Apparently, they were unsuccessful in affecting the voting, but nonetheless not good.  Bad Russians. 

That said, isn’t it a given that the Russians, the Chinese, the North Koreans, the Iranians et al are trying to hack our governmental and industrial systems?  Is not it our responsibility to adequately protect this information?  And, does not our CIA do the same in targeting those countries?  We’re not that naïve are we?  Really?

This reminds me of that old Wendy’s commercial (1984).  You might remember it.  This older woman walks into a fast food joint, something called ‘Big Bun Burger.’  She was served this giant bun, looks inside and loudly proclaims:  “Where’s the beef?”

Isn’t this what we are being fed by the media – a giant bun?  Isn’t this what we should ask ourselves every time the media brings up ‘Russian interference?’  Where’s the beef?

Incidentally, the older lady that used that Wendy’s catchphrase so effectively was Clara Peller (1902-1987), manicurist and sometimes actor.

True Nelson

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