Friday, February 13, 2015

Oregon Governor John Kitzhaber Resigns in Disgrace / and Who is at Fault?

Well, Governor Kitzhaber has resigned.  He probably did the right thing; but it’s hard to feel good about it.  His life, his career in tatters, it’s like watching a train wreck – fascinating, but you just want to turn away.

I think most now speculate that Cylvia Hayes caused Kitzhaber’s downfall.  It would be pretty easy to blame her and her ‘seductive’ ways; but that just doesn’t seem likely – no, really, it doesn’t – at least not to me.  He’s not stupid.  He’s not unsophisticated.  He is not politically ignorant.  And, he is not sixteen.  Although, at times, one could wonder about the latter.

I think there was complicity on his part, probably more than we will ever know.  He buckled too easily, too quickly.  Yes, there are things he hopes we will never know.

What about Kitzhaber’s relationship with Cylvia?  Oh boy, talk about a train wreck.

True Nelson
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