Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Portland, Oregon Police Bureau's Chief (Larry O'Dea) Shoots Friend in the Back (RE: The Oregonian 5/25/16)

You’ve probably heard.  Larry O’Dea, the Portland Police Bureau’s Chief was sitting around a campsite in Eastern Oregon, back in April, drinking beer with his buddies, and shooting squirrels, when he accidentally shot one of his friends in the back.

Let’s try to put aside that these guys sound like they are about sixteen.  It’s hard to, but let’s try.

More importantly, perhaps, is that they lied to Harney County law enforcement who were investigating the incident – stating that the victim apparently shot himself.  Now, get this, it appears that this judgement-impaired group of 'hunters' (and I use the term hunters very loosely) conspired to lie to the investigating Sheriff’s Deputy in order to, apparently, conceal the Chief’s involvement in the shooting.  I think there are laws against filing a false police report, but I will leave that to others to decide.

Reportedly, most of those in this group of 'hunters,' with the exception of O’Dea, were former / retired Portland police officers – who should know better – one would think; but, nonetheless, decided to make-up a story.  As it turned-out, the victim (not yet identified – and why I’m not exactly sure) was quite certain that he did not shoot himself.  And, he should know.  It has been reported that he will be OK.

The Chief decided to ultimately confess his transgressions, a few days after the shooting, to Portland Mayor, Charlie Hales (his boss).  Hales decided to keep it quiet until it could be determined how this all was going to ‘shake-out.’

Well, approximately one month has passed since the incident – and the s--- has finally hit the fan.

The Harney County Sheriff didn’t like how things were ‘shaking-out’ and decided to turn the inquiry over to the Oregon State Police.  The plot thickens.

Now, 'accidentally shooting' someone is often accidental.  Most people customarily admit what they’ve done; and their immediate and usual concern is for the victim.  Apparently, O’Dea’s standards are not the usual.

True Nelson
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