Monday, January 19, 2015

Martin Luther King Day - a National Holiday / Why?

I shouldn’t write this.  Some things we are just supposed to keep to ourselves.  We can think them, but best not express them.  That said, I’m not a racist.  But…  Didn't Eric Holder (US Attorney General) say that we should have a national dialogue on 'race' - and that we (the public) are cowards who are not willing to discuss the issues? 

Yes, OK Eric, well here goes. 

Today is Dr. Martin Luther King’s birthday – or close to it – he was actually born on the 15th; but Americans like their three day holidays.

However, have you noticed that every news program has to have their obligatory tribute to Dr. King?  All of them!  No one, in the entire history of this country, has apparently (at least they would like us to believe) played a more meaningful, courageous roll than Dr. King.  He has become unique in his historical significance.  Americans simply can’t praise him enough.

I looked over my calendar.  Do you realize that Dr. King is the only individual that has a national holiday dedicated to him?  Well, unless you count Saint Patrick’s Day (whoever that was, but the Irish seem to enjoy the day), Columbus Day (this is a stretch), Valentine’s Day (I guess he was a saint also); and Christmas (not generally acknowledged or understood to be Jesus Christ’s birthday; although, I might add, I believe he played a significant role in history also).

Some might say that Dr. King was special in the sense that he fought for African-American civil-rights and against outrageous discrimination.  OK, I agree he was basically a good man and did some good things; and, I suppose, the rest of us have some serious, moral compensation due Blacks for slavery and the subsequent discrimination – even though, much of that, most of us had absolutely nothing to do with.

Regarding slavery (yes, I know, horrible to even contemplate), I do recall that thousands of White men and boys died to free the slaves.  That should mean something, shouldn’t it?  What about the Emancipation Proclamation?  What about Abraham Lincoln?  When is his birthday celebrated?  Oh, I realize, he gets to be included in Presidents’ Day.  But, that’s not quite the same as having your own day, is it?

I also know that Dr. King was assassinated because of his politics.  But, so was Lincoln – who I happen to believe did far more for African-Americans – just me.  We used to celebrate Lincoln’s birthday.  Sounds kind of old-fashioned now, doesn’t it?

However, how about some sort of compromise?  I propose a national holiday called Lincoln - King Day.

I think Dr. King would be happy and proud to share a special day with Mr. Lincoln.  

What do you think Eric?

Oh, Eric, one other thing.  I said above that I'm not a 'racist,'; but why do I have this feeling that you are?

True Nelson
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