Sunday, September 21, 2014

Tigard, Oregon Police Department Makes Major Prostitution Bust! Say What?

Somehow, I feel compelled to walk out on the thin ice – figuratively speaking that is.

My topic is interesting to me; but is no doubt controversial and one that almost everyone has a strong opinion about.  The subject is prostitution.  And, I have an opinion that may surprise you.

Recently, there have been a couple of articles in the Oregonian newspaper regarding prostitution ‘sting’ operations conducted by local police agencies.  One article was concerning the investigative activities of the Tigard, Oregon PD.  The other article referred to the Eugene, Oregon PD.

To establish a common reference point, and for the sake of framing this discussion, I will need to quote from the Oregonian’s article, dated:  September 8, 2014:

“When Tigard police recently received a plea from a local hotel about problems with prostitution, the force knew just what to do:  turn to the internet.”

“Within 10 minutes of placing ads on websites known to be popular with people seeking prostitutes, investigators received multiple responses.”

“So investigators invited the customers to show up at the hotel and… instead of meeting a prostitute, they met officers who arrested them, eight in all.”

“They were taken into custody, accused of patronizing a prostitute and held in the Washington County Jail.”

“(PD spokesperson) said the sting was a good example of businesses cooperating with police.”

Some in the public are probably thinking, ‘Good for the police department.  Go get those perverted bastards.’

On the other hand, some in the public are undoubtedly of the opinion that the Tigard PD’s action sounds a little like entrapment.  Generally speaking, it does to me too.  However, police departments know the guidelines.  They know the game they must play to circumvent legal entrapment allegations.  It is a game, nonetheless.

Personally, I say the Tigard PDs actions are an example of law enforcement indulging their own prurient interests; potentially harming, if not destroying, the lives of otherwise ordinary, basically honest men; and a classic waste of taxpayers’ money.

Before you judge me as some sort of crackpot, let me explain.  I’ve had some experience with the prostitution profession.  No, it's not what you’re thinking.

To be continued…

True Nelson
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