Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Tigard, Oregon Police Department Makes Major Prostitution Bust! Say What? (Part 3)

I’m going to discuss the subject of prostitution further, subsequent to this post – relating some of my own experiences.  And, you might find that interesting.

However, I have some final comments on the Tigard prostitution ‘sting.’

Soliciting Prostitution is usually considered to be a misdemeanor.  The ‘sting’ set up by the Tigard PD would take time, some intensive preparation, and resources that I am a little surprised the Tigard department can afford to squander.

Some may wonder, ‘Who exactly was the victim in this type of crime?’  There weren’t any frayed, forcibly coerced ladies-of-the-night to save or rehabilitate.

The answer, of course, as the prosecutor would opine, is that the State of Oregon is the victim.  Now, to most of us in the public, who are constantly bombarded with internet solicitations and readily available porn of any description (movies, TV and internet), this seems just a bit of a stretch.  And, we might, therefore, ask the Tigard Police and the Washington County Prosecutor, ‘Don’t you have something more important to do?’

Now, the Chief of Police might counter with, ‘We had a complaint from a hotel!’ (Which makes little or no sense – even though that premise was mentioned in The Oregonian).  Wouldn’t it be interesting to know what hotel he is talking about; and whether or not the same hotel was used on the internet to summon potential ‘johns’ to their ultimately aborted liaison with a prostitute.

Perhaps, there is a legitimate reason to have a law against prostitution – especially in the currently unregulated social climate.  Many women and sometimes children are victimized by this trade.  But, Tigard PD's use of the law seems somewhat ‘juvenile,’ for lack of a better word - certainly not what the public would expect of professionals.

So, I looked up the Tigard Chief of Police.  He is Alan Orr.  Not exactly a new guy in law enforcement, he spent decades with the Portland Police Bureau.  OK.  That reminds me of the Portland Police Bureau's proclivity to dress their female officers like prostitutes and have them parade up and down 82nd Ave.  How they get their women officers to actually do that, I have no idea.  Real police work?  I don’t think so.  Portland Police apparently think so.  And, I suppose Chief Orr agrees.

PS:  I purposely have not discussed the Eugene, Oregon ‘sting’ referred to in my initial post.  Eugene PD had one of their detectives, on the internet, pretending to be a teenage girl available for sex.  That PD's focus was child predators.  I do, whole-heartedly, support Eugene PD's efforts.  Those that responded to that internet come-on truly are ‘scumbags.’

True Nelson
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