Saturday, September 13, 2014

British Citizen, David Haines, Beheaded while Obama and Cameron Twiddle

The Islamic Terrorists called, interchangeably, ISIS or ISIL, have apparently beheaded the British aid-worker, David Haines.  The British Prime Minister, David Cameron and our President, Barack Obama, have condemned this outrageous act.

Isn't it about time that the American public, as well as the British public, decided that ‘talk’ is cheap and will only perpetuate this evil?  Both Obama and Cameron our strong on rhetoric; but weak on action – and the world knows it.   Talk, talk, talk and bomb, bomb, bomb.  It’s not going to work.  An effective bombing strategy will only create unacceptable collateral damage, and the resulting news footage will ultimately turn off the American and British public.

Our Army and Marines need to establish a base of operations in Iraq near the Syrian border and launch operations from there.  In conjunction with our formidable air-power, our military needs to destroy the enemy on the ground.

But you say, the American public does not want another ground war.  And, moreover, what about Bashar al-Assad, the Syrian President?

Regarding al-Assad, an American emissary should be sent to meet with him.  He should be informed that we are not invading his country to threaten his regime; and we should make that same announcement to the world.  But, al-Assad must understand that he is to stay out of our way and that our intention, our only intention, is to destroy ISIS.

Regarding a coalition of international forces, coalition be damned.  We will be waiting until the cows come home for the weak-willed and all the governmental hypocrites to act.

Regarding the American public not wanting another ground war, I think Thomas Paine summed it up best:

“If there must be trouble, let it be in my day, that my child may have peace.”

                                                               Thomas Paine 1737-1809

True Nelson
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