Tuesday, September 9, 2014

'Boots on the Ground' / It's time to retire that term - don't you think?

Yes, I am straying somewhat from the theme of my blog; but sometimes I just like to write about what’s on my mind.

Am I the only one who is getting kind of tired of the continually used cliché:  “Boots on the Ground?”  The President persistently uses the term, as well as his spokespeople.  I guess they think it makes them look like one of the boys – tough guys.  I don’t think so.  How about switching to ‘ground troops’ or something similar?

I’m no artist, although I wish I was; but I imagined a cartoon-like drawing showing hard-boiled combat troops, preparing for deployment, fitting themselves with pink ballet slippers.  Well, I googled ‘images’ and I couldn’t find a drawing exactly like that.  However, I did find one that was on topic.  Hope you enjoy it.  And, I extend a kind thank you to the artist.

And, for our ground troops who are on the ground, even though the Commander-in-Chief doesn’t like to admit it, stay safe and God bless.

True Nelson
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